Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wall Decor

Been working on painting and getting the house decorated for the last month. It's coming along quite well! We're almost done painting, in fact, all I have left to paint is the school room.

The living room we painted mocha and sage. These colors worked out fabulously. The dining room is also sage, and the kitchen is peach.

This week I had some of my photography sent off to be professionally printed.
This is the wall behind the couch. I don't particularly care for the family portrait we have, so I chose to do a collage instead. I'm glad I did, it looks way more artistic than a traditional family photo.

I also did a grandchildren collection behind dad's chair. There will be another grandchild to add soon! Shelves painted mocha to match the other wall, a calf, and momma and baby pig finish the collection.

On the stairs behind the piano I did a little collage of mom and dad. I'm not actually certain how old they where in those two pictures on the right, because there where no dates on the backs. But they weren't married yet, so pretty young.

I've been throwing a few things up in the dinning room too. These are random cute things. I found some of them in mom's closet, and some I just bought at Goodwill.

Please people, put the mail in this thing instead of throwing it on the table!

A useful key holder. PUT YOUR KEYS THERE PEOPLE! Haha.

That's it for now, though I'm sure there will be more later.

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