Monday, September 10, 2012


Yesterday, I (or actually my brother) installed 16 GB of ram in my macbook pro. Yes I did! 

I previously had 4 GB, which was a bit of a pain. Not nearly enough!

So today I am happy!

If you are looking for RAM for a mac computer and have one that is 2011 or later, you might want to check out the RAM I bought from Komputerbay by clicking HERE. I was about to dish out $150 or so for 16 GB at Other World Computing, which was the cheapest price I could find, and then found Komputerbay's RAM with an incredibly good price, and over 400 5 star reviews. 
I decided to take a chance, and so far, it works flawlessly!

It made a huge difference. Previously I had to stare at that annoying beach ball quite a lot, and iMovie would always crash. Of course, iMovie is stupid and full of bugs, but that's beside the point. Doesn't crash anymore. That's good.

And beach balls are now few and far between, if even at all. Which is also good. 

REALLY good.

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