Monday, September 10, 2012

Homemade Makeup!

Saturday, I got to do something pretty cool. Make mineral makeup! The Botkin ladies had all the supplies and invited everyone over to learn, while the guys worked on Ben's house.

I'd been wanting to try making mineral makeup for so long, but had no idea where to begin, or what ingredients I really needed.

Turned out to be a fairly simple process, or at least for the loose powder makeup anyway! But to be fair, I didn't do much. Elizabeth and Anna put the ingredients in mixers, and guess what I did! I pushed a button! Lol!

The class was for foundation, blush, and concealers. I only did foundation because that's what I needed, and there wasn't time for me to make the others, I had to leave early.

Elizabeth and Anna putting ingredients in a blender.

Coffee grinders are good for mixing everyone's individual makeup!

Studious little girls.

Color matching.

Laurel mixing her makeup.

The finished product. I made loose powder for myself. Very easy to do! The ingredients are:

Titanium Dioxide
Pearl Powder (I think it was called?)
Zinc Oxide
Iron Oxide Red
Iron Oxide Yellow

I think getting the iron oxide colors would be good, that way if my skin tone changes over winter, I can adjust the color of my makeup, without having to make all new makeup and wasting what I made already.

Laurel made liquid foundation. I'm not sure of all the ingredients, but pretty much the same as mine with oils added, like almond oil for instance.

This is me wearing the makeup I made! The powder went on very well, with no caking at all. I am so very happy with this foundation and would definitely keep using this. 
I made about 60 grams, so I'll have enough to last me at least till next spring, maybe even longer...I don't go real heavy with foundation.
By the way, I always use a handmade lotion made from grape seed extract and coconut milk on my face before putting on my foundation.


Hannah said...

That's awesome!!

Crystal said...

I would love to learn more on how to make my own make up.I am learning that I am allergic to make up and I am desperate. Any way of contacting Elizabeth or Anna to see what the measurements are for these ingredients? also, does your homemade lotion have a scent? I am looking for something with out a scent.