Monday, May 14, 2012

Ice Cream and Calves...In That Order

Apparently being gluten free has it's pros. Like having stabilizing ingredients on hand for ice cream for instance.
I've been experimenting with thickening ice cream. It's not perfect, but this last batch came out pretty darned good! It still melts a little too fast, (though not as fast as without the stabilizer) and it was *almost* too gooey, but not so much to make it unpleasant, in fact it was better with the stabilizer than without as far as I'm concerned. The texture was more like store bought ice other words it didn't have that icy texture. The guar gum keeps ice crystals from forming so it's smoother and a bit thicker.
I'm still not 100% satisfied. I'm not sure how they do it in factories, but if I add any more gum it becomes too gooey, witch is really nasty! I've noticed there's usually up to 4 gums on the labels, so maybe that's it. Different kinds of gums for different effects?

Anyway, here's my ice-cream with an homemade gluten free oreo cookie. YUM!

On Sunday morning, the newest member of the bovine family was born. She doesn't quite have a name yet, but it's going to have something to do with tea I think.


That's not her mama, but apparently Honey decided the unnamed little calf needed some company...

...And a hug.


A very suspicious mommy.