Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthdays for Natasha and Titus

We celebrated Natasha and Titus's birthdays on Monday. Natasha turns 3 on Christmas, and Titus turns 1 today.

Laurel made titus a smash monkey cake.

Elise made a Winnie the Poo cake for Natasha.

Birthday girl.

Birthday boy.

Big brother Allen.

Cousin Garret.

Two little monkeys. Oh wait, that's 3 monkeys!

Singing Happy Birthday.

Natasha blowing out her candles.

I don't think Titus could take his fingers out of his mouth long enough to blow out the candle.

Definitely enjoying his smash cake!

Opening presents.

The inside of the cake.

Um...another present?

Oops, I think I made his monkey hat a bit too big! Good thing they grow!

Playing with a new toy. Tons of fun!

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