Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flood Damage-Pasture Behind Our House

I took these photos on Sunday evening. It was still raining, so I had to bag my camera in a zip lock bag, so the pictures are a bit hazy.

Behind our house is woods. If you walk through these woods you will go downhill quite steeply, and then it opens up into a huge pasture.

Wait, did I say pasture? Because what I found was certainly no pasture! It was a raging river!

See for yourself.

Why is she smiling? It's not the least bit funny at all! :-P

At this point you could see the tops of the fence posts sticking above of the water, but I have been informed that shortly afterwords even those where completely covered. I'd say it was well over my head.

This is a new temporary creek formed by the flooding.

Laurel found some wild strawberries.

This is another temporary creek, only much larger than the one before.

Abigail and her pet box turtle.

The cows found refuge further up the hill among the blackberry brambles.

And the bull watched us suspiciously as we passed through. I think you can actually see the rain falling in this picture too.

I took more pictures yesterday (Monday) of the roads, will post those later.

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