Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photoshoot With Rachel

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to do some photoshooting in my little studio at BackLight Photographic, which, by the way, has now moved to my room.

Yep, I rearranged my room so that I could fit a backdrop and my lights in there. It's a bit crowded now, but much more convenient, and out of everyone elses way.

After most everyone had left (we had church at our house this particular Sunday) and there was no one left but our good friends, the Castilles, I took Rachel to my studio and we got some pretty nice shots!

Please excuse the lack of vibrancy in these photos. Blogger desaturates them.

Rachel is quite the natural poser, which made this extremely easy and fun for me. With the help of a bench with a pillow on top, and a brown sheet thrown over, we had a nice prop for this one.

We tried random poses until we had several that where pleasing.

This one I gave a sepia look, but I'm not sure how well it looks here, since blogger desatureated it.

My slouch hat! :-D it's quite handy to have a large collection of hats around for picture taking.

And one we where all thrilled with! The skirt was perfect for just this sort of pose, don't you think?

Well, I am happy with these! It had been awhile since I had done any studio shots. At some point I'd like to go into town and get some shots, hopefully I can make that happen soon.

Dolce Giorno ~Joyous

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