Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photo Session with the Castille Family

I'm finally getting around to showing you some pictures that I did for some friends recently, the Castille family.
So with the help of my 2 umbrella lights (I would be lost without them!) and my awesome Nikon D80 camera, I got some pretty nice shots for my portfolio, and some happy customers.

It's was quite fun, and I learned a lot about my lights and posing people!

Here are some of my favorites. I think they are all excellent posers!

Mr. Castille and his grandson, Evan.

I really like the warmth in the coloring I was able to obtain in the living room photos. Gives them a nice cozy feel.

Mr Castille, with Christy, Rachel, Sean, and Even behind him.

...and this time with Mrs. Castille!

...and now outside with the barn for a nice background.

Anyone else need some portraits? I'm more than happy to oblige! My D80 and I enjoy working with people!

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