Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Trip to Texas

Since going to Texas to visit some friends, I have been trying to find time to process some pictures between all the orders I have been getting at my etsy shop, and finally here they are!

While we where there, we did some fun things, including visiting the creation museum.

The trip down.

That's a weird building!

Ummm, hello giraffe!

At the museum, this is a large human footprint. Um, very large actutally.

Typical reaction to the camera. Sigh.

Boaz gazes at a dinosaur's footprint.

Ancient artifact at the museum! Uh, wait, that's my dad!

All of us together.

At the New's house, Elise and Katie play the fiddle.

The boys get some wrestling instructions from Gabriel.

The majority of us at the dinner table. A few of us are missing :(

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