Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The old ibook...gone forever!

My ibook finally died. Crashed. Bit the dust. Gave up the ghost. 'Course, the thing is only 8 or 9 years old and used to death to do way more than it was meant too... Nevertheless, it's kinda sad, it was such a good computer for me! I edited hundreds, maybe even thousands of photos on it, ran my business on it, played on it, took it with me everywhere, and now, finally, it's gone. Logic board is no longer logical. Mother board no longer feels motherly toward me...

I took it into Fairview and got a few bucks for the old hunk-uh-junk from someone who owns a small computer service business, he's going to salvage the parts that are working. Uh, did I say hunk-a-junk? I didn't mean it, honest!
Plus, I still kept the hard drive, which is really nice, cuz it'll give me plenty of extra storage.
My next investment, I believe, will be a powerbook. Yeah, I'm way behind I know, macbooks are all the thing now, but those'll have to wait!

Untill then, I get to use Dad's imac. Oh dear, I think I'm getting addicted...

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