Monday, March 30, 2009

A much needed update

Yeah, I really need to update this blog! I mean really, it's my blog, and I should post on it right?

I just got to do something awesome last week. I helped in a commercial kitchen at a conference in Fairview to feed, um, well, a lot of guys, I have no idea how many! Up at 5:45, getting ready and hogging the bathroom while doing so too, and getting to the conference at about 6:45, just in time to help clean up the breakfast mess, and get started on lunch and supper.

Tuesday was really busy, and I worked my feet right off! I made the mistake of wearing my knee high boots, which are not terribly easy on the feet. I was smart enough to wear tennis shoes the rest of the time.
Wednesday and Thursday where slower, and we had time to chat a little more and get to know each other between washing dishes, chopping onions, making cookies and other goodies for the snack bar, etc.
Friday I stayed home. Since I'm not used to getting up before 6:00 and going to bed after 10:00, I was really tired and needed a break.
Saturday was also slow, but we also had to clean up a lot of stuff and pack, since it was the last day of the conference.
Afterwords the film crew had us all file out so they could film the kitchen crew for the film they are making. Awkward! Have I ever mentioned I'm not a movie star? Cuz I am now! Lol.

Over all, I had an enjoyable time. I've never worked in a commercial kitchen before, and I met young ladies who are like-minded.
I would jabber on some more, but I really have to get going. I took some pictures too, but I'll post those later, so hang loose!