Monday, June 2, 2008

Having a pity party for myself

My day has been perfectly ruined. One word. Allergies.

Friday, two peahens showed up and started eating our chicken's feed, (if we don't find out who they belong to, we may end up with a peafowl family)
She would really like to come under the fence, but she's not too sure about me.

Then I made my flower garden bush-hog proof. Or at at least I think those logs will stop those guys from plowing it over!

Then on Saturday I did some more work in my flower garden, cutting down all those nasty weeds you see in the picture. Saturday night, I accompanied Elise to a horse show in Scotts Hill, and that is where I began to feel the first affects of allergies kicking in.
I put a video of Elise's run on our family blog.
One of the several pictures I took while I was there. That guy is pulling the horse around the barrel with the wrong hand!

Then on Sunday, I was too sick to go to church, so I laid around and felt sorry for myself while everybody had fun at church, (well they MUST have had fun since I wasn't there) and tried to comfort myself with a stupid movie. I picked out several that were options, and ended up watching the stupidest one, since that was the only one I hadn't seen a hundred times.

I thought for sure I would be better by today, but not so. So I'm still having to have a pity party for myself.
Care to join me?

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