Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My New Piano!

Yesterday (monday) morning, Mom woke me up and told me I had to go with Dad to shoe horses, but she wouldn't tell me why. Well, I may not be that bright, but I'm not stupid either! I thought, "this must have something to do with a piano!" I figured this for two reasons. First, Dad has told me before he might take me to look at a piano sometime. Secondly, Trenda Lowry had taken my keyboard Sunday so she could use it at a women's conference on Wednesday. Meaning that I was pianoless. So those are my two reasons for concluding Dad was taking me to see a piano. And sure enough, Dad took me to Mark Schaffer's to look at a piano he had. See? Told you I'm not stupid.
The one thing I wasn't expecting, however, was for him to buy it. I really didn't think he would buy me a piano for quite a while. But he did! So Mark brought it over this morning. And I am extremely happy. Did I mention I am happy? It's already driving mom crazy, but I am still happy!
I think today might be a busy day. Because I need to practice the piano. And I will need to practice the piano. And oh yeah, I will need to practice the piano. Oh, and we are having company tonight, so I will need to help get ready for that, and I'll need to practice the piano.
Here's some snapshots of the piano. Ain't it perty?



Well, I need to get, so I can go practice the piano. Until then,
Dolce musica!

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Jessica Courter said...

It's beautiful! Enjoy it!!