Friday, April 18, 2008

In Honor of Cassie Bernall...

and the twelve others who perished with her at Columbine High on April 20, 1999, at the hands of two troubled classmates.
Cassie has impacted the lives of many, because she was a real person, with the same troubles everyone else has. Her story has shown us the grace and forgiveness God has for us. The hardest problems are not too hard for God.

Cassie was a rebellious teenager, mixing with dangerous peers, when her parents realized something was very wrong.
Cassie's parents never gave up on her. They prayed for her, and relied on God to help them work with Cassie.
After a long struggle, Cassie had a heart change. The struggle to repair her life and pick up the pieces was tough, but God was gracious.
Then, on April 20, 1999, a date now well known for the Columbine high school shooting, Cassie was in the Columbine library when two boys entered the building, shooting people down, and cheering as they went. Then they came to Cassie. Josh, a sophomore, says, though he could not see her, will never gorget what he heard as he crouched under a desk about twenty-five feet away.
"I couldn't see anything when those guys came up to Cassie, but I could recognize her voice. I could hear everything like it was right next to me. One of them asked her if she believed in God. She paused, like she didn't know what she was going to answer, and then she said yes. She must have been scared, but her voice didn't sound shaky. It was strong. Then they asked her why, though they didn't give her a chance to respond. They just blew her away."
Many believe Cassie was praying. Why else would they have asked her that question?
It's hard to believe two teenagers could be so heartless. They injured many, and 12 were killed. The two boys shot themselves, when they were done.

Cassie's ability to answer the way she did, makes me ask myself, could I have responded like that? I hope so. I hope I could look unwaveringly down the barrel of a gun and say, "yes, I believe in God."

Thank you Cassie. Yes, I do believe in God.

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