Monday, November 12, 2007


During my gluten free experiment, that could possibly be a permanent diet, I thought I'd start posting my recipes as I make them.

UPDATE: This appears to be a permanent diet. I seem to be quite allergic and can't get back on wheat. The results of attempting to get back on have been very unpleasant!


The basics:

My Favorite All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix

Main Dishes:

Yeast Free Gluten Free Pizza Crust
My sister's amazing gluten free pizza crust (Frugal Farmwife)
Gluten Free Pizza Pockets
My sister's cauliflower pizza crust (Frugal Farmwife)
My sister's Gluten free egg noodles, yum! (Frugal Farmwife

Breads and Rolls:

Best ever cornmeal herb rolls (Frugal Farmwife)


Gluten Free Pancakes

Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

REALLY Good Gluten Free Monkey Bread

Gluten Free Biscuits, the Best Ever!

Gluten Free Yeast Donuts That are Soft!

My sister's sausage grits casserole (Frugal Farmwife)

Deserts and Things:

Amazing Caramel Sauce

Gluten Free Oreo Cookie Recipe

Oreo Cheese Cake Ice Cream...Woa!

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