Saturday, November 10, 2007

About me want to know about me? Well there's so much to tell!

First of all, I am a bible believing christian daughter of a godly man. I have 7 brothers and sisters. My parents have 4 girls and 4 boys. I was born third. My oldest brother is married and has 3 adorable children (they are loads of fun!)
My older sister is also married and they have a little boy. He also happens to be loads of fun!

My creative abilities? When I was very young I learned to sew, and sewed cloths for myself and my family. At 14, an elder lady showed me a few stitches of crochet. After that I took off, and taught myself to read patterns. I am now an advanced crocheter and make the majority of my own patterns up.
I take inspiration from my grandmother and nature. I love flowers, but I am allergic to them, so crocheting them and making them into bookmarks and other accessories are a good way for me to be able to enjoy them.
My grandmother loved to crochet before going to be with the LORD, and she left a good many craft supplies with me. I have made jewelry with her beads, and it feels so special to wear her beads!

I have a few other crafts I enjoy doing now and then, such as jewelry making. In fact, I make the majority of my own jewelry. I also like to draw, make cards, and photography.

Photography and music are a great passion of mine. Although crochet is my main business, I do occasional photography work and am always happy when someone needs my skills for a photoshoot!

I play piano and guitar, though these days I stick mostly with the piano. I have a repertoire of Beethoven, Chopin, soundtracks, hymns, psalms, and more.

My taste in music is very broad. I enjoy classical as well as contemporary christian, country, and a few select pieces from the pop world. I also love to listen to soundtracks, mostly from sci-fi movies. My favorite modern composers are Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson Williams, Henry Jackman, James Horner, and Howard Shore.
My favorite classical composers are Beethoven and Chopin. I enjoy interpretations of their music from Evgeny Kissin and Yundi Li.

My plans for the future? I plan to go wherever God leads me. I am content for the time being to be at home with my family, helping my mom with the housekeeping and selling my crochet online at Joyous Treasures Etsy Shop.
Perhaps in the future I will marry and keep a house of my own.

I hope you enjoyed reading about me. God bless, and enjoy reading my blog!